Social Media Marketing

Piksoul helps our clients develop programs to enable consistent and engaging presences within the social media world

Opportunities and Challenges - Losing Control

Social media can present great opportunities for those ready to swoop, and great challenges for uninformed, clumsy or disingenuous attempts. Badly researched ideas can backfire, damage branding efforts and dragging attention away from more productive conversations.

One of the most challenging aspects of the social media world for businesses is the lack of control. A brand cannot control the message like traditional advertising and must take a less dominant role, becoming just another voice in a bigger conversation. Without a strong set of goals and policies, the conversations can easily veer of track. Without a creative approach, others will get bored quickly.

Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Inform

By focusing on your customer and the community, a brand can engage at a level that other users find interesting and engaging. The likelihood that a social media interaction will turn into measurable benefit for a business increases dramatically when the interaction is seen as genuinely positive and useful.

Scaling Your Approach

There's no point embarking on an ambitious social media campaign if it takes all you focus away from core business delivery or servicing your existing important customers. Spreading yourself too thin and trying to become active on every platform is also recipe for disaster, unless you have a budget and resources to match.

Develop skills and assets on one platform to become proficient with publishing schedules and engagement practices, then scale across to other platforms. At the same time build a repository of content that can be syndicated to increase reach, while maintaining a consistent and worthwhile message.

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