Domain Names and DNS Management

Domain Names form a vital part of your business intellectual property, growing in value as your website presence increases.

Domain names are useful mainly for branding and search value. An easy to remember name will make it easier for customers to locate your business firstly, then when they are recalling it for future interaction or when talking to friends and colleagues through word of mouth advertising.

What’s in a Name?

A good catchy name or acronym is easy to remember and is good for business. There is a good argument for the domain name, business name, logo and search strategy to all be considered when starting or revamping the branding of an enterprise.

Multiple Domains Names and Website Eco-Systems

Depending on your business strategy and industry, it might be appropriate to gain multiple domains. Having keywords placed in the domain name will enhance the search relevance, but detract from the was with which is can be typed. All these  should be considered when auditioning possible domains.

There are also other situations where managing multiple domainsTo keep out competition or hold for future sale or development.

Domain Names and DNS Management

Piksoul can manage your domain portfolio on your behalf, keeping password and account details secure and providing consolidated billing.

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