Keyword Tracking

Analysing your search reach is a vital part of your search strategy. Being able to be found is vital for online sales lead generation and also for qualifying prospective customers. By using Google analytics, Webmaster and specialist tools. Piksoul can track your search reach and use this information to create new content to further enhance your sites presence.

Targeting keyword phrases

It is important to build a keyword hit-list that you wish to be place highly for in search results. Piksoul can aid in creating the list, helping you to identify both generic and long tail keywords that will give you the best footprint for qualified leads from your website.

Pick the Low Hanging Fruit First

Some keywords will be much easier to get traction for than highly competitive keywords. Piksoul can help identify and expand on your keyword phrases to ensure you site is ranked highly for those, which then has a cumulative effect benefitting the more generic terms.

Gearing up for speech to search

Google is refining its algorithms to make it easier for users to get information quickly, including someone asking their device a question such as "where is the nearest pizza shop in Mt Lawley?" or "How do I get a restraining order against my old girlfriend?". Piksoul can help brainstorm a long list of question type topics which relate back to your keyword hit list and make sure your website is the one displayed as the answer.

Advanced Techniques

Piksoul can also help set up and manage advanced techniques for increasing you online search reach. Thes probably need some explaining so it's best to get in touch if you are interested in more advanced approach to your search strategy.

Weekly Reports to Your Inbox

Piksoul will organise for weekly reports to be sent, consolidation your search reach with analytics and webmaster information to give an overview of progress

Find out more

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