Email Marketing

Email marketing is an often misused but excellent tool for converting site visitors and keeping those interested in your products and services informed about the latest development, specials and incentives for new and repeat sales.

Building Your Community

Building and maintaining a community interested in the topics around your products and services is ideal to keep you existing customers engaged with your brand, increasing the life cycle of the customers, the potential for repeat sales and the opportunities for after sales service.

Analyse & Track Your Campaigns

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is the ability to track and analyse the effectiveness of these marketing efforts. It is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of traditional TV and print campaigns without using codewords, QR codes or uniques contact details and even then it's not precise. In the end sales are the proof of a good campaign but having data to analyse the why and how your campaign works allows to refine and focus marketing efforts.

Piksoul can consult on providing industry leading tools that enable easy productions and analytics for your campaigns.

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