Website Design

Piksoul blends design aesthetics, rich media and best website design practices with constant research into web technology to provide our clients with cutting edge website solutions to ensure a competitive edge into the new millennium.


Anything is possible using new web technologies, and we’re happy to undertake custom website design projects to achieve client requests. By framing website development projects using our Digital Blueprint Process, Piksoul can solve unique and technologically challenging problems for clients on time and budget.

Designing a unique experience

If you wish to create a unique customers experience Piksoul can provide design and technological consulting from concept through to production. Piksoul can take the lead role in your campaign or works as a cog to provide custom website development. We’re happy to lend our expertise and experience to your next project.

Website Design for Today’s Technological Opportunities

Today’s innovations stand on the shoulders of the technical progress made through our recent history. Sometimes these technologies run beautifully together, sometimes they require skill to work as a team. At piksoul we have a vast experience in website design, blending the best of modern browser technology while ensuring a focus is maintained on your visual impression, information flow and accessibility.

Website Design Projects

Corporate Website Design

For Businesses and Small-Medium Enterprises (SME), looking to leverage the power of the internet to provide:

  • A structure to present attractive content and information to customers
  • Funneling techniques and sales workflows
  • Customer service and support
  • Advanced reporting and analysis tools
  • Easy management of key content
  • A solution with low maintenance costs after development
  • A search engine friendly solution

E-commerce Website Design

Online Retail is a really exciting area of the internet. Technologies have recently become available for those with plenty of get up and go to produce and distribute goods and content to a global audience. Piksoul follows advances in technology closely and has end to end solutions and custom website design solutions for those wishing to:

  • Sell physical or digital goods
  • Design and produce highly professional digital content
  • Sell distributed content as secured digital downloads, physical goods or memberships
  • Keep all the profits from every sale
  • Enable affiliates and syndication of content.

Artists, Publishers and Creatives Website Design

For artists, publishers and creatives, Piksoul has a range of custom website design solutions to meet many different requirements. With our own background in art and design, Piksoul understands the specific requirements for enabling creative and passionate individuals. We can build artist websites and a strong focus on providing:

  • A simple, modular website structure enabling the content to take the primary focus
  • The ability to distribute and profit from content
  • Minimal start up and running costs
  • Easy Maintenance of the site content

Specialist Website Design

While all websites require tailoring and we take great care to identify and exceed our clients needs and expectations, some website designs require particular functionality or combinations of functions that need planning, management and quality control. Piksoul can provide consulting, high level specifications and managed solutions for functional sites or provide project management for ground up development. Some examples of specialist sites:

  • Booking systems
  • Portals and Social network sites
  • Online magazines and multi authored sites
  • Dedicated Flash applications
  • User content created sites

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