Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What do people search for that relates to your company, product or service? This needs to reflect the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines.

Search engine optimisation needs a consistent and structured approach to have maximum effect for search visibility. Piksoul has experience building strategies and creating content to maintain high rankings through search engines.

Google Search Explained

Search Engine Optimisation - Google Search Explained

Organic Search Listings

  • A) Website Page - A page on your site that represents a top match for the keyword phrase, this is what most business wish to achieve through search engine optimisation.
  • B) Google+ Business Page - An optimised listing will be favoured for location based searches.
  • C) Video - Primarily youtube videos which are optimised for that keyword phrase.

Paid Search Advertisements

  • D) Adwords Advertisements - Companies pay to advertise for keyword phrases on a pay per click basis. This results in immediate exposure but has poor long term benefits to a website.
  • E) Premium Adwords Advertisements - If an ad reaches a certain click through value, it can be promoted to a premium listing and will be placed above the organic listings with a light yellow background.

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