Logo Design

Piksoul has over 10 years experience with logo design in Perth. Funky, fresh, high gloss or low sheen, we've got it covered.

Logo Design Process

For  logo design and re-branding exercises, there is a proven process for delivering great results, this includes some or all of the following:

  • Research
  • Brainstorming/ Idea Generation
  • Concept presentation
  • Development of selected concepts
  • Font selection, supporting elements & tag lines
  • Refinement and finishing touches
  • Preparing the logo-set for production (versions and file types for different uses)

Logo Artworking Process

We understand that not all businesses and projects required a full design process, so we can also polish and create a strong identity from a clients own research and ideas:

  • Client presents concepts on a napkin or via email
  • Piksoul advises and polishes concept
  • Refinement and finishing touches
  • Preparing the logo-set for production (versions and file types for different uses)

Designing Logos for Perth

Perth has an interesting mix of influences which affect the visual culture in which Perth businesses operate. Our isolation, fortunate climate and clannish nature create a unique blend of parochialism and lifestyle which is reflected in the business culture. Like much of Australia we have strong American/English influences, but with a subtle infusion from all the various ethnic migration over the last hundred or so years.

We're funky but not radical, flash but not too fancy. The look needs to fit a backyard barbecue and a day at the races. Visual identities, logo design and branding in general need to reflect and be a good fit for our community character to work effectively.

Boom Time was Bad for Logo Design

Besides paying extortionate amounts for coffees and alcohol, the effects of boomtown haven't been kind to logo design around town either. It seemed through the mining boom that any bore stained sign or Times Roman/MS Word letterhead was acceptable for marketing products and services across the city. With a lack of competition came a casual approach to presentation that no longer cuts it in the marketplace.

The current urbanisation and growth around the city is healthy for competition and culture across the board. It is an exciting time and forward thinking businesses will be well placed to take advantage of new opportunities. It's much easier to create an excellent impression on customers when your presentation is first class.

Getting the Logo Design Right at the Start

Re-branding is expensive and counterproductive, just ask Centrelink or the Commonwealth Bank about the costs in rebranding. Banks do it all the time to try and convince us that that the new logo won't treat us as bad as the old, and when the profits are in the billions constantly, the money has to be spent somewhere.

Not only is re-doing the logo design costly but it's also confusing as customers will get used to a brand/look and feel and expect that on subsequent visits, so in rebranding you're possibly losing existing cache and creating negative sentiment.

All this leads to the 20/20 hindsight wisdom of getting it right in the first place. Everyone is creative and all ideas are valid, but the real strength in a design process is the discernment, the ability to pick one design over another and consider the reasons why. A sound strategy should also be at the heart of the justification of the decision, ideally with some real world testing and feedback. Branding is also more than just a logo or symbol so the ecosystem where the logo lives should also be considered.

Investing in Your Future Value and Profit

Investing in a logo design may seem unjustified at the commencement of starting in business, but if you consider the lifespan of the business and the planned revenue an investment in a string visual presence in your marketplace is well justified. A logo should be developed with a 5-10+ year lifespan in mind and form a central pillar to the plan to increase profit and market share over the business life cycle.

What Can be Done to Keep Logo Design Costs Down?

Mostly in the research area - competition, target audience, goal and influences. If you have a strong idea of who the logo design is relevant to as well as what and why, it will make the process easy, reduce time and allow much more focussed results.