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To form striking graphic design that is both unique and conveys your message requires skill and experience, but makes all the difference when your customers can easily recall your logo or message when talking to friends and associates.

Graphic Design - Perth Digital Experts

With more than 10 years graphic design experience, Piksoul’s strength lies in the visual approach to projects and the team’s attention to detail.

Graphic Design helps form a Strong Visual Presence

A strong visual presence will help people remember your business. When a past client is recalling your business or service to a potential client, a strong shape or colour will help trigger their memory and pass on the good name, rather than trying to recall… "Oh what's their name again…?".

A Strong, Confident Brand is Good for Business

An easily recognisable graphic style is good for confidence and confidence is good for business. First impressions count, but so do all impressions. It only takes one bad experience with a brand to loose a customer, which makes consistency vital in all the various ways people interact with your business. A consistent approach to graphic design smooths the sales process, whether customers are looking at your website, promotional materials and media campaigns.

Graphic Design is More Than Making it Look Pretty

We can do that too, but graphic design starts with the strategy behind the promotion. Much is common sense, but important nonetheless. Simple things like:

  • Who do we want to look it it?
  • How do we get in front of them?
  • What action should be taken after viewing/interacting?
  • In which order should the elements be viewed in order to make this an effective communication between the brand and it's audience?
  • What is the decision making process behind the desired action?
  • Should we use an emotional/lifestyle trigger to help persuade?
  • How can we get the best reach for this campaign for the budget assigned?
  • Would someone share this with their friends?

The Perth Graphic Design Market has been lazy. It's true.

Boomtown has been on easy street for a while, with customers lining up to spend money every weekend at any shop with an open front door. Businesses could get away with presenting proposals on recycled plan drawings aided by 5 minute powerpoint presentations full of squashed logos and rainbow coloured fonts. Jobs would be awarded regardless as all the competitors were busy anyway and didn't bother tendering. It worked last time so why would we spend any money making it look prestigious, or more effective?

Perth is changing. Yes, we are behind other cities when it comes to market sophistication and competition, but that is changing fast. Savvy businesses will recognise and adapt quickly as Perth gains momentum becoming a large city. As competition increases, graphic design is the way of differentiating your brand. Adding a prestigious quality to your product and service range can give your business a competitive edge in the market.

Graphic Design Perth Services

Take a look at our Graphic Design Services:

  • Logo Design
  • Style Guides
  • Corporate Communications
  • Info Graphics
  • Product Packaging
  • Point of Sale and Exhibition Graphics
  • Advertising
  • Icon families
  • Font Design
  • Visualisation & Prototyping
  • High End Retouching and Post Production
  • PDF Documents, Brochures and Downloads
  • Annual Reports
  • Book Typeseting
  • User Interface Design

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