Customer Experience Design

Customer experience design is an important process of analysing the entire interaction a customer has with your brand. Reviewing the customer life cycle and designing the optimal pathway to turn potentials into customers and customers into advocates to then recommend to future potentials in a snowball effect.

Concepts explored during the customer experience design process:

  • Before purchase
  • How do they know you exist
  • Building trust
  • Consistency
  • Delivering on expectation
  • After sales services and repeat sales
  • Prestige, desire and base level needs
  • Rational vs emotional influences

Why a Purchase Takes Place

There are no one size fits all approaches, but by taking a step back and looking at the process of how a sale takes place (or goal is reached) can be used as a tool to initiate change and look for progress enhancement of your sales funnel.

Websites and Customer Experience Design

Websites are especially prone to failing due to a poor experience. A salesman can connect personally with a prospect and build rapport, where the interaction with a website is less personal so needs to be a rewarding experience and leave the user with a good aftertaste.

Increased Leads, Increased Conversions

Analysing the experience will lead to increased conversions as obstacle to the purchasing process are eliminated an the path of least resistance is found.