Case Study - Bondall


Bondall approached Piksoul to aid in the design of packaging for their products almost 15 years ago. A long relationship has grown since then and Piksoul has aided the company to grow many leading brands within their respective markets.


Speed to market has been vital to the success of the brands under the Bondall umbrella, due to the highly competitive nature of the building and renovation solutions and hardware markets. A consistent challenge has been the balance of incorporating products with a long history of sales and market recognition with the modern vision of the company and need of todays consumers.


In addition to print design services, Piksoul has helped Bondall transition into the digital realm, creating and supporting their website and redifining digital workflows, with the result of being agile in their ability to react to market trends and refine a highly efficient product release schedule.

The next evolution of the digital strategy is undertaking app development for their sales training workshops.